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I'm not the first to live for rock n'roll

Don't wanna rust,so,kill'em .....kill'em all !


Before the stage to feel the rage

Never too strong to the headbang


Rock n' roll all night ,party everyday

It's the only fight,my excited way


Like funny creature i feel the power

All over nature , louder than ever



You can speak about me ...You can laugh to me

You can't understand ...Wherever I stand


You can speak about me ...You can laugh to me So,fuck off ...I'll never enough !



From the bottom of their graves

Hoping for some new braves

Leaders toss and turn un tomb

People under tyrant's thumb


Everlasting reflection

Full powers like obsession

Money flowin in the veins

The common people takes pains


Farewell revolution


Careerist politicians

Human servilization



Believer ...Betrayer

Under the same dome

Believer … Betrayer

Under the same dome


Believer ...Betrayer

Your time will come




Combattre l’autorité qui meurtrit la France

Défendre les libertés ,opposer la résistance

Un camion dans la place ,les familles dans l'angoisse

L'ordre dans la terreur , l’obéissance par la peur


Désignes coupable par leur semblable

Dernière destination ,camp d'extermination


Gens ordinaires arraches a leur terre

Combattants de l'ombre guides de Londres

Ton engagement , Docteur , sonne ta derniers heure

Un acte solidaire , adieu Monsieur le Maire


Dans la clandestinité , retrouver sa dignité

Simple dénonciation , arrestation , déportation


Tous ces compagnon face a la trahison

Murmurent un nom du fond de leur prison

Le réseau Possum , des femmes et des hommes

Qui réclament vengeance dans leur souffrance


Pre refrain :

Tes responsabilités t'ont condamne

Pris comme otage , ton dernier voyage



Chaque habitant tel ton fils , le sens du sacrifice

Une plaque sur ta demeure , que jamais le souvenir ne meure



So many tears like a rain

Never wasshing my pain

Like two strangers

Going two nowhere


On through the silence


Buring for a strange desire

A jump in the fire

Empty eyes

Maskin' your lies

Broken love

Words like a glove



You make me cry

So , tell me why

Living on the edge

Or turn the page

Flick off the switch

Cause life is a bitch



Kill me , really

Don't let me on the floor

If you don't love me




Deep in the ocean where nobody can see Abandoned into the silence of the sea


Flash in the night , incredible fight

Red alert in trouble water


Another Russian secret about nuclear bomb

People never forget this metallic tomb


Ultimate sensation , collective asphyxia

Infernal suffocation crying mother Russia


Last words on a paper

A poor goodbye

Cause they leave them to die

In trouble water

Mother Russia

Remember of your sons

Forever lost

Into the oceans...



They didn't want to die

Just to be free

Victims of the lie

Into the silence of the sea



Country after country

Town after town

Populations are terrified

Afraid bye genocide


All abroad the track clang

All bullets that clang

Machine gun spits fire

Warrior turns to slayer


Back from another time

Last witness of the crime

Trouble in the crowd

Sore into your mind


Devils riding weapons of steel

Slaughtering every civil

No quarter , no survivor

In front of exterminator



Skull's out of genocide

Proff of hidden side



Sucked up by TV screen,you're still without a bean

Directives in perfusion,your life in confusion

Mirror of society,destroy your indentity


Mental manipulations,intellect manipulations

Welcome to TV show ,the one that lay down the law

Popular masquerade turn everyone's head


Programmed enslavement,

Controlling your human beings

Like a mind mass suicide,TV dealers decide

Like a mind mass suicide,TV dealers decide



Everybody knows...No one to expose

Some heads explode...It's Overdose



Heavy Metal Fever

Stranger together

Heavy Metal Fever

Screams like thunder


Together as one

Invaders in town

Marching on the street

Set fire to the night

Power of the sound

We're all hell-hound


Demin and leather

Eternal teenager

For use idols

Unleash the beast

& raise the fist

The supreme strife



Heavy Metal Feveer

Stronger together

                        IN MEMORY OF...


Fear of tomorrow, i'll never be the same again

I've cried for our freinds, four our child

If you hear me, just give me a sign.

I loose my faith, i loose my soul

Mor heaven & Hell

Just in memory of ...





A Sooting Threat...


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